East Sepik Province

The province is located on the north of Papua New Guinea and the provincial capital is Wewak. The province has six electorates with political representatives to the National Parliament.

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About East Sepik

East Sepik Province varies in environment, people and culture. To read more in detail, select link below.

Vision & Mission

The Vision & Mission of Education in East Sepik for the future of the Province and Papua New Guinea.

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2014 Brief Report

This 2014 Brief Report for the Education Division is presented in this simplified format for the reader’s,

East Sepik Vision & Mission

Image Vision - is consistent with the Five Goals enshrined in the National Constitution, is integral human development, achieved through an affordable education system that appreciates church and traditional values, and that prepares literate, skilled and healthy citizens by concentrating on growth and development of each individual’s personal viability and character formation, while ensuring all can contribute to the peace and prosperity of the province.

The mission statement for the education plan in the next 10 years commencing 2007, is to promote quality and relevant education through improvements in professional development of teachers, a relevant curriculum, logistic support and infrastructure development at elementary, primary and post primary levels whilst, ensuring every school age child has an opportunity to receive basic education.